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Get answers to commonly asked questions about Scopomap.

General Questions

Is Scopomap available on my device?

Yes, Scopomap is a web application that aims at desktop and laptop computers. All the data is stored in the cloud, so you can access it from anywhere.

Will you add more demographic data to Scopomap?

We are currently working on adding even more data to Scopomap. Is you have a demographic indicator that you’d like added, drop us a line.

Is the data only for Australia?

Yes, Scopomap only works in Australia.

What are the codes in my address export spreadsheet?

What are the codes in my address export spreadsheet?
There are codes against each address in the address export spreadsheet that show:

    -  Residential property
    -  Business property
    -  No junk mail
    -  Undeliverable (no letterbox):
    -  Not Yet Built (NYB)
    -  Outside Delivery Area (ODA)

Why am I getting a login error?

If you are with a Government Department, Utilities Provider or a large organisation, your network or work-provided PC may likely have some pretty serious security settings. Some organisations routinely require websites to be "whitelisted" before you can log in or access them. If this is the case, get in touch with our support guys, and we can work with your IT admin people to get on the list.

Data Questions

Where do you get your data from?

We source our data from three sources:

• Address data is gathered from the Australia Post Proof Address File (PAF) and the Geocoded National Address File (GNAF)

• Demographic data is sourced from the ABS 2021 Census

How often is the data updated?

How often is the data updated?
Address data is updated every 3 months and the demographic data every 4 years.

How accurate is your data?

How accurate is your data?
Address data accuracy can vary based on location, but in general the data is very accurate. In some new growth areas or greenfield sites there can be a lag in updating address data between the time that a titled lot is created and when someone actually moves in.
Demographic data is derived from the ABS Census and represents a snapshot of those who returned the ABS survey, and the date it was taken (2021).

Why are some demographics missing from my map report?

In some ABS SA1 collection areas, there is not enough data collected for some demographics to make it statistically relevant to include in the data set. This is typically the case in more remote areas where there are very sample sizes.

Mapping Questions

How big a map area can I do?

Given the enormous amount of data being cross matched there is a limit to the size of the map that you can create.

While it map vary in some areas, the maximum size of a map area is approximately 60,000 dwellings.

There are however pre-cached maps of every LGA in Australia that will allow you to view entire LGA’s

Can I upload my own KML file?

Yes, the KML files that are exported from google maps or provided by your acoustic engineers can be imported into Scopomap.

Can I edit LGA maps?

No, you can’t edit LGA maps as the map boundary and data is preset to improve loading speeds and user experience.

Why won't my Shape file upload?

Scopomap allows users to upload a KML file to create a map area. Other file types such as KMZ are not compatible.

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