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What is Scopomap?

What Is Scopomap? Unleashing the Power of Geolocated Data

In today's rapidly evolving world, effective stakeholder analysis, community relations, and targeted marketing play a crucial role in achieving success for organisations. This is where Scopomap, a powerful demographics data tool, comes into play. Designed for communications professionals and marketers, Scopomap provides a goldmine of street-level data that empowers businesses to make informed decisions and drive engagement strategies. In this blog post, we will explore the capabilities of Scopomap and how it can revolutionise your approach to stakeholder analysis and marketing.

One of the primary features of Scopomap is its ability to conduct stakeholder analysis with just a click of a button. Gone are the days of cumbersome manual data collection; Scopomap offers a wealth of valuable data, including ABS and Australia Post data, that can seamlessly integrate into your engagement strategy. With a street-level demographic snapshot, a breakdown of residential and business properties, and the number of letterboxes, you comprehensively understand your target audience and their distribution within a specific area.

Managing Community Relations -
Scopomap goes beyond data analysis and helps you effectively manage your community relations. By identifying residential and business addresses, you can precisely calculate your mail-outs and plan doorknocks. The tool allows you to export selected addresses for mail-outs and even import those addresses into your CRM, enabling you to keep track of all interactions and engagements seamlessly.

Speaking to Your Target Market -
Targeted marketing is at the heart of Scopomap's capabilities. Leveraging the ABS census and quick stats data, make informed decisions regarding your target market. Whether you're looking for income levels, cultural backgrounds, or age groups, Scopomap's demographic tools provide you with the necessary insights to ensure your marketing material is tailored to the right audience. Language-specific marketing can also be achieved using Scopomap's demographic indicators.

A Snapshot of Demographic and Address Data -
With Scopomap, getting a snapshot of demographic and address data becomes effortless. Simply select an area on the map, and Scopomap provides you with a breakdown of the number of residential and business properties, the number of letterboxes, and even a demographic snapshot. This enables you to assess the concentration of specific demographic indicators, such as high-income households, non-English speakers, or female residents, via the demographic heatmap. The demographic slider function allows you to filter in or out people based on one or more demographic indicators, taking your analysis to the next level.

Collaboration and Efficiency -
Scopomap understands the value of collaboration in achieving successful outcomes. With the ability to save maps in a library and share them with team members, Scopomap ensures seamless communication and feedback. Team members can provide input on study areas, distribution areas, and specific areas of interest, allowing for more robust strategies and campaigns.

In Summary

Scopomap equips professionals with a powerful tool that revolutionises stakeholder analysis, community relations, and targeted marketing. By harnessing its street-level data and demographic insights, businesses can make data-driven decisions, maximize engagement efforts, and create personalized marketing campaigns. With Scopomap, the potential for success in stakeholder analysis and marketing is limitless.

Start your Scopomap journey today and see the impact it can make on your communications and marketing efforts.

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